A New Race Is Being Revealed in the STAR WARS Universe in STAR WARS ECLIPSE

Star Wars Eclipse

Here are the new details that have been shared regarding Quantic Dream’s planned Star Wars game, Star Wars Eclipse. This news comes from Sacred Symbols, and one of the things revealed is that the game will introduce a whole new race in the Star Wars universe.

The main character in the game is named Sarah, and she is defined as “an athletic 30-something” and is a member of a human-like race. The race itself is at the lead of an empire called “The Zaraan,” and this race has not yet been seen in any Star Wars story before.

“It prides itself on political and military aggression and similar to what you find elsewhere in Star Wars there’s little differentiation between males and females when it comes to roles and responsibilities. But, there’s an interesting wrinkle, when Zaraan marries, their nuptials carry interesting military implications as they become one governing unit that works together. This is a problem, because Sarah, a fanatical true believer in the violence and criminality regularly demonstrated by her empire, is married to a character named Xendo, who is a far softer touch. Part of the game seems to revolve around these two characters and their relationship.”

These plot points have not been officially confirmed. But, what we do know is that it will be an “intricately branching action-adventure game” with numerous playable characters. The story for the game will also take place in the High Republic era.

The game is in production and I’m super excited about it.

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