A Space Scavenger Comes Across NASA’s Voyager in Amazing Sci-Fi Short SCAVENGER


In 1977 NASA launched two golden records into deep space on the Voyager I and II probes. Those records carry sounds, images of our planet, and human brainwaves. They have left our solar system and are the most distant man-made objects floating in space. The Voyager explorations are basically a message in a bottle for alien life.

Check out this awesome and visually gorgeous short film inspired by the Voyager probes called Scavenger. The film was directed by Raphael Rogers and this is the synopsis:

The film begins when a planetary scavenger in an advanced spacesuit comes across the Voyager I drifting in interstellar space. Reading the brainwaves at the end of the record connects him to a planet he’s never known… Earth.

I also added in this post a Radiolab interview in which Ann Druyan explains what those brainwaves on the record contain.

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