A Teenager Geared Up as Spider-Man to Beat Up Suspected Pedophile


Spider-Man is a superhero who fights with crooks in his neighborhood. And now someone decided to do some vigilante justice as Spider-Man.

A teenager in Brazil recently dressed up as Spider-Man and banged up a suspected pedophile. The teen posed to be a 14-year old girl and chatted with the suspect. When the two met up, the teen dressed as Spider-Man to beat up the man until police stopped him.

The teen also had two pocket knives and two retractable tonfas as well. After being taken to the police station, the teen gave the cops a flash drive with the conversations to charge the suspected pedophile. We don’t know if they made any further arrests.

This is one insane story. I do not approve vigilantism and I suggest going through all the legal channels instead of taking matters into your own hands.

Via: A Tribuna

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