A Terrifying ‘Alien King’ Sculpture Made Out of Recycled Tires

Alien Sculpture

Craftsman Cao Shennge made this exquisite Alien King sculpture out of 200 used tires. This unbelievable creation was inspired by the Sideshow Collectibles “Alien King” maquette that was made for the 30th Anniversary of the movie Aliens in 2016The original maquette is over 20 inches tall, Shennge’s recycled creation is the size of a human and seems even bigger while perched upon a heap of used tires.

The Alien King (Alien King Maquette) Alien King Maquette, is an alien figure released by the sideshow manufacturer on the 30th anniversary of the alien. Currently, it has not been added to the official history of the alien. In this video, I made the Alien King with 200 tires within 20 days , a derivative image of “Alien” in the classic sci-fi thriller that I like very much. Unlike ordinary aliens, Alien King has more tentacles.

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