A Yeti is Killing Everyone in The Himalayas in Trailer For ABOMINABLE


A yeti is going on a rampage killing people in the Himalayan mountains in this new eerie trailer for the horror-thriller, Abominable. As you can think, this movie has nothing to do with 2019’s animated kid’s film Abominable.

This is a low-budget movie in which Yeti is played by a man in a suit, and most of the other gory special effects include practical effects. Yeah, the movie clearly has that low-budget feel and it looks kind of absurd, but some low budget silly movies turn out to be great, so yeah I will watch it.

“A research team embarks on a journey to obtain a plant that can advance medical research by centuries. While stumbling upon clues of the previous expedition, they discover that a Yeti creature lurks within the Himalayan mountains and will do anything to protect its terrain.”

Abominable will be released on direct-to-DVD and VOD on April 14th.

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