Actors and Their Brave Stunt Doubles

Stunt doubles are the unsung heroes of Hollywood, Most of them do the dangerous stunts and make the scenes and movies memorable for us but all the credit goes to the heroes who walk the red carpet and take the applause, but I think it is the stunt doubles who should be taking the applause for the scenes or at least some of it. Reddit user Join_You_In_The_Sun posted an album of actors with their stunt doubles to Imgur.

[via Join_You_In_The_Sun]

1. Chris Pratt and Tony McFarr – “Jurassic World”


2. Bryce Dallas Howard and Whitney Coleman – “Jurassic World”


3. Tom Hardy and Jacob Tomuri – “Mad Max: Fury Road”


4. Kate Mara and Casey Michaels – “The Martian”



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