Adam Savage in an Iron Man Mark 1 Suit

Adam Savage in an Iron Man Mark 1 Suit

Tested host Adam Savage, who is known for his incognito modes at various events, found that he was able once again to do so for the first time in two years. He pick SiliCon, an event he hosts in San Jose, California to reveal his Iron Man Mark 1 armor that he got in 2010 and spruced up over the past two years. The suit completely encased his whole body and face, making it an ideal way to hide in plain sight.

Adam Savage suits up in his Iron Man Mark 1 armor for his first incognito costume walkaround in almost two years! At this past weekend’s SiliCon event, Adam joins the ranks of amazing cosplayers who walked the convention floor to take photos with attendees, swap costume build notes, and celebrate their fandoms. It feels so good to be surrounded by cosplay again!


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