Adding “ing” to the End of Movie Titles Completely Changes the Plot


Here are some other examples of adding ING to the end of movie titles.

Fight Clubbing – The story of PETA members trying to stop the clubbing of baby seals.

Spaceballing – Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre are selected to be the first astronauts to travel to Mars.

Space Jamming – The sequel to Spaceballing.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Offing – Ferris spends the day planning his suicide.

Beetlejuicing – The story of a health nut who travels to Madagascar to find a rare beetle whose juices are said to cure cancer.

Uncle Bucking – Porn movie about an 18-year old girl seducing her uncle.

St. Elmo’s Firing – St. Elmo goes to absurd lengths to get fired, so he can go work for a competitor.

The Right Stuffing – A mother goes to extreme lengths to make sure Thanksgiving Dinner is perfect.

The Rocking – Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage form a rock band while in jail in Alcatraz.

The First Wives Clubbing – Five men beat the shit out of their ex-wives with baseball bats.

The Firming – 3 hours of watching Jello firm in the refrigerator.

What About Bobbing? – People at a lame Halloween Party decide to bob for apples and one of them drowns.

Falling Downing – The story of the collapse of the British Empire


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