Alec Baldwin Start Teaching Kid His Trump Impression In Middle Of Movie Premiere

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin wins hearts with his Donald Trump impression on Saturday Night Live and it is one of the reasons why shows rating is improving. However, he recently said he most likely would not be doing the impression for much longer.

That doesn’t mean that Baldwin won’t pass the torch to someone else. Baldwin was spotted at the Boss Baby movie premiere teaching a kid the complexity of a good Trump impression.

While it’s hard to hear exactly what Baldwin is saying in the video, it’s clear his performance of Trump relies heavily on the position of the mouth and his parodies of the POTUS is spot on. At one point, he tells his young apprentice, “Lower jaw. lower jaw,” while demonstrating the face for him.

Baldwin’s coaching apparently produced good results. Towards the end of the video, Baldwin watches the kid attempt the impression and claps, saying, “Got it. You got it.”

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