Alien Invasion Movie ARRIVAL Starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner

Alien Invasion Movie ARRIVAL

Paramount Pictures has released the first photos from their upcoming alien movie Arrival. Directed by brilliant Denis Villeneuve (Sicario) It’s based on Ted Chiang’s 1998 novella Story of Your Life. The film focuses on Dr. Louise Banks (Amy Adams), an expert linguist who is recruited by the military to determine whether aliens that have recently landed on Earth come in peace or are a threat.

“This isn’t a graphic-novel universe or creating a new universe. This happens in our world today, as it exists,” Adams says of the grounded approach. “Not having to transport myself to a universe where superheroes exist, which is also fun, really helped me ground the character and the experience.”

Jeremy Renner also stars in the film as a physicist, with the actor saying: “I haven’t played a smart nerdy guy. I thought there was a great challenge in that.”

Renner also spoke about the film’s tone, saying it’s not like a “big Michael Bay alien movie” but instead compared it to the works of Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg.

“If you’re a parent, it’s going to wreck you,” he said. “It’s big and there are thriller elements and tension, but it’s going to lean much more into a thinking person’s film.”

Arrival will have its world premiere on November 11.

Alien Invasion Movie ARRIVAL

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