All The Fun Easter Eggs in Pixar’s SOUL


Soul is a brilliant movie from Pixar. I loved the story that is told and all the life lessons that it explored. Apparently, it has a lot of easter eggs, Looper took a closer look at the movie and discovered all the Easter eggs that a lot of us might have missed.

Pixar’s Soul is about a jazz pianist who finds out there’s a lot more to existence than he ever imagined. And there’s a lot more to Soul than viewers probably noticed at first glance. Whether they’re referencing Pixar films or real-life heroes, here are the Easter eggs you may have missed in Soul.

One of the greatest things that the video focuses on is a bulletin board that featured the name tags of many mentors who tried to help 22 find her spark. The name tags show some great people. There are many Disney/Pixar related inside jokes that you can see on the subway cars, in the “Hall of Everything”, and in 22’s hideout.

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