Almost Genius Ideas

Borderline genius ideas and solutions some are really good and practical and some are ehhhh no thank you.  They can make great products if executed nicely, Like anything to adopt in daily life?

1 how to use a rolling pin, smart ideas

2 3 tier cupcake pan,

3 cookies and milk

4 smart plugin outlets

5 pull out drawers

6 make toy cars for kids, in boxes, to watch a movie

amazing bookshelf, on back of stairs

charge your phone, iPad, kindle, organize

corn holder, genius

cutting board that weighs what you cut

green ideas

garage storage ideas

Don’t put your metal’s in it, if you are going to build it yourself  🙂 friendly advice

hot air balloon, muffin cooking ideas

Why ?!

kitchen storage, great ideas

laundry rack, great ideas

magnet strip to hold your tools

making a fort, genius ideas

reuse old suitcases

shoe rack, smart ideas

stair storage

storage under the stairs, good ideas

usb, smart ideas

Until your USB port Melt’s down !

use a ladder for a towel rack in the bathroom

vegetable drawers

z reuse rain water for your garden

Now, this is a very green idea and the only one which I’m going to apply!

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