Altwork Station Is a Automated Desk And Chair Platform

Altwork Station

Altwork is looking to make your work more convenient and let you do your work comfortably in pretty much any position you like with the Altwork Station, which electronically switches between standing, sitting and the best part – a floating reclining ‘focus’ mode that is the most comfortable work position ever.

In the sitting mode, it’s a nifty desk and chair combination. It provided great lumbar and neck support, and the back angle and footrest are adjustable via a control panel on the left of the desk. You can both position and angle the desk and monitor at any height you like simply by moving them manually, including angling them outwards to collaborate with a coworker.

Press a switch on the control panel, and the desk will transition into a standing mode, positioning the monitor and desk higher than before. You fold out the desk, and are able to use it as you would any other standing desk.

Now cherry on the cake the Focus mode. Press the appropriate button, and the chair will start to lean back while raising your feet. Meanwhile, you monitor and desk are rotated and automatically angled towards you.

Altwork says it maintains the same monitor distance and angle from your eyes throughout all of the Station’s position.

There are a lot of other neat touches showing the though that went into it. For example, in any position, you can adjust the back and foot rest angle to your liking, and then save your preferences onto the control panel. Also, when you angle the desk, your keyboard and mouse are held on the table by surprisingly sturdy magnets, and you can even mount two separate monitors if that’s your thing.

Now the main thing: the price $3900 for early adopters, and $5900 for final retail when it launches in mid-2016.


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