Amazing Bimmah Sinkhole

A sinkhole can be formed suddenly with no warning at all. It could occur in the local interstate, in the neighborhood, within the lawn,

or even in one’s own house. Although there are places around the world that are prone to sinkhole formations, nobody can ever predict when it will occur.

Occasionally, it begins with a leaky rusty pipe that erodes the land underneath the Earth’s surface. Whole houses, buildings, and roads could be sucked into it.

This sinkhole was formed naturally when the ground over unstable layers collapsed on itself. There is an underwater tunnel leading to the sea 500 meters away,

leading to a mixing of fresh and seawater in the hole. It is possible to dive this, however, due to possible extreme tidal conditions, caution is advised.

The Sinkhole is located about 6km from Dibab along the coast graded road from Muscat to Sur. Right now a big motorway is under construction next to it. Bimmah in Oman has been turned into a swim park for tourists.

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