Amazing Game Of Thrones Art

Here are some of the amazing pictures from Michael Komarck. Michael Komarck was a projectionist and children’s book publisher, purveying acrylics and oils for business and web graphics…before discovering Photoshop and the jealous embrace of digital paint.

In 2003, he was offered cover work for authors such as George R.R. Martin and Robert Asprin, which snowballed into a great deal more. Now a freelance illustrator, Michael works with such esteemed companies as Blizzard Entertainment, Sony, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Daw Books, Tor Books, Wizards of the Coast…and of course Blindsided Books and The Very Us Artists.

Watch Game Of Thrones Banners Here

Every Swear Word From GOT

Game Of Thrones Cosplay

You can check out more of his great pictures here.

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