Amazing Zelda Cosplay

Hidrico is one of those talents where you can see he loves and knows what he is doing. He doesn’t just take the pic, he also gives the final touch to the picture, which make them supernatural in the awesome way! Since most of us here are huge fans of cosplays, we are pretty picky when it comes to our favourite heroes.

The Cosplays from Hidrico are a really piece of art, perfection pure! If you don’t have enough of todays Zelda, check out his deavianArt page OR/AND stay tunned for more, cause there will be more of his art on Fiz-X!

Words from Hidrico:

I’m not interested in reality; just taking the picture and leave it almost untouched doesn’t satisfy me. For me it’s a way to express all the elements and aesthetics I’ve absorbed and loved through years of playing videogames, comics and cinema. Cosplay photography it’s the ideal genre for doing this, allowing me the challenge of achieving the maximum likeness possible with the original material. When someone says to me that the image resembles a screenshot from the game or a render, is what makes me satisfied and happy.

Midna- Zelda Twilight Princess (4)

Model: Yurai

Midna- Zelda Twilight Princess (3)

Midna- Zelda Twilight Princess (2)

Midna- Zelda Twilight Princess (1)

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