Amazon is Bringing Back The POLTERGEIST Horror Film Franchise


It seems that Amazon Studios is considering bringing back the classic horror franchise Poltergeist, which was previously revived in a 2015 remake directed by Gil Kenan. However, the remake failed to impress audiences and didn’t do well at the box office despite having a talented cast led by Sam Rockwell.

On a recent episode of The Hot Mic, entertainment journalist Jeff Sneider revealed that Amazon is looking to “prioritize” several MGM properties, including Poltergeist. However, the situation with Poltergeist is complicated by the fact that Steven Spielberg, who produced the original film, may need to be involved in some way. Although he wasn’t involved in the 2015 remake, his approval may still be necessary for a new revival.

Sneider mentioned that everything regarding the potential Poltergeist revival is still uncertain, as Amazon is still figuring out what they have with MGM and what they want to do with it. However, with the current success of horror movies, it makes sense that Amazon would want to capitalize on the genre with a well-known franchise like Poltergeist.

But, as fans of the original film will attest, there’s no point in reviving the franchise if it’s not going to live up to the greatness and terror of the original. The original Poltergeist, released in 1982, was a classic horror movie that has stood the test of time and still scares audiences today. Therefore, any new revival will have big shoes to fill and high expectations to meet. Only time will tell if Amazon and MGM will be able to bring back the magic of the original Poltergeist while still making it feel fresh and relevant for modern audiences.

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