AMC Released Comic-Con Trailer For PREACHER Season 3


AMC’s insane series Preacher trailer for the upcoming second half of the third season is released! The trailer debuted at Comic-Con and it looks incredible.

The new trailer gives us our first look at Allfather D’Aronique, the leader of the Grail, and Eccarius, a 350-year-old vampire who is looking to show Cassidy just how fun life can be after death, Hitler working in a diner, and plenty of grand dialogue from your beloved characters. It will remind you of this series because of how bat-shit crazy it is!

At the Preacher SDCC panel, executive producer Seth Rogan was asked about Allfather, and things sound like there’s going to get pretty bizarre and disgusting with the character:

“He has a little wand to stick down his throat to make him throw up sometimes. There’s a scene where they eat a horse. It was one of our favorite characters from the comics and is truly just a bizarre character and we hope to make good on that promise.”

Preacher Season 3 continues this Sunday, July 22nd, with an episode titled “The Coffin.”

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