America First, India Second? India Makes a Strong Case

America First, India Second

After President Trumps ‘America First‘ statement, the world is in overdrive and pumping out viral videos. After the Dutch satirical video went viral, a host of countries has been mocking Trump’s oft-repeated “America First” statement with tongue-in-cheek videos.

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Now, this time land of Kamasutra shows Trump why it is “amazing at being second.”

Sample this:

India is the second-most populated country in the world.
India is the second-most polluted country in the world.
India came second in badminton finals at the Olympics.
There are about two-and-a-half million Indians in America.
And so on.

Also, India deserves a special place because…
The New York cabbie could be Indian.
The 7-Eleven guy could be Indian.
The IBM professional could be Indian.
And certainly, the CEOs of Microsoft and Google are Indian.

“So many Indians. So good.”

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