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American Cinematography

Gambling and Casinos are two of the most iconic additions to a lot of the famous movies on the circuit, and for good reasons. Movies that have scenes like these add adventure, thrill, and enjoyment for their audiences. Tense casino scenes usually involve games such as Blackjack or Poker, and the more fun and exciting ones have slot machines.

This underplayed aspect of most movies is what we’re about to discuss below and show you how, movies with scenes of slot machines, also make for just as good American cinematography as those featuring entire casinos and table games.


Why Slot Machines?

Well, to answer this question we need to look at a few things about slot machines. They build intrigue, they add tension and victory and they also add an element of luck to every scene. If a player wins a game, there is an air of positivity and excitement. We as viewer can sometimes resonate with this. For example, in a scene such as in the movie “What Happens in Vegas”, the actor wins a slot game after getting married. This is a double victory for some and we feel happy about it.

With a simple movement such as pushing a button on an online NetBet game, or a flick of the wrist on a slot machine handle, a player can win thousands of dollars. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that experience? It’s as if we have won! We take a look at other movies where slot machines are featured as an additional emotional high for the audience.


Movies with Iconic Slot Machine Scenes

Twin Peaks: The Return (2017)

This movie based on a TV series is part of three other “Twin Peak” series, and depicts a casino, called the “one-eyed jacks”. The story goes like this – Dale Cooper is a special agent, who has just returned from a place called the “Black Lodge”. As he wanders around, he ends up in a casino where he watches a man playing the slot machine and decides to imitate him.

A magical light appears on top of the slot machine and he follows it, and every time he plays on the machine he hits the jackpot and screams! Later on, he gets very rich and decides to change his life for the better. How exhilarating!


Race to Witch Mountain

The scene here depicts the protagonist, Jack Bruno, getting trapped inside of a casino and to escape from the agents chasing him, he makes all the slot machines show a winning combination, and all the players already in the casino hit a jackpot and win loads of money, ensuing in chaos, as part of Jacks distraction to be able to run away.

Other movies with slot machine scenes include Ocean’s Thirteen (2007) where at the end of the movie the iconic scene portrays “rusty” setting up a slot machine in an airport, to win some money!

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