An Ugly Windows XP Sweater You Don’t Want

Ugly Windows XP Sweater

Microsoft got in the festive mood and started the weird tradition of ugly holiday sweaters by sending out a relatively short number of ugly Windows 95 pullovers. It was the ideal holiday homage to one of the most famous OSes Microsoft ever released. This year, Microsoft is increasing its garment game with an ugly Windows XP sweater.

It’s ugly by design, but the actual OS was awesome. Anyone who has been playing with PCs for some decades probably has loving memories of Windows XP. It’s enjoyed an almost cult-like following and can still be found on some PCs even now, more than 10 years after its final release (Service Pack 3). Exceptionally, Windows XP still sticks to a 2.29 percent share of the overall OS market, according to Net Marketshare. And at its height in 2018, it sat at just over 5 percent.


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