Android Bot Peeing on Apple Logo on Google Maps in Pakistan!


Hap-pee Friday to everyone, Today we have a great piece of “Tech humor” for you guys. Today some users spotted a Google Bot pissing all over Apple’s logo in Pakistan! I am sure Pakistan or users wouldn’t put it there maybe it’s some kind of humor from Google. Google is known for it’s tech humor. The alleged piece of humor is marked south of the Pakistani town of Rawalpindi, the image, first noticed by Team Android, can only be seen on the Map view in Google Maps — switch to Earth (satellite) view, and it’s gone.

The image, still visible on both the desktop and mobile version of Google Maps is obviously not an actual feature of the Pakistani terrain, so how did it get there? At this point, we don’t know — it could be an inside joke by one of Google Maps developers, or some sort of hack. We’ve reached out to Google and will update this post when we hear more.

Click on the link to see it in real time, If it wasn’t removed by Google already (Who put it there in the first place.)


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