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Angry Birds in Real Life

All the dearies and sweeties, I’ve brought another fun-packed and pun-coated post yet again. But, before we proceed with that let’s play guess & tell for some seconds: All you have to do is guess what I’m talking about here. Okay, here we go! “The largest mobile app success the world has seen so far”, “one of the most mainstream games out right now”, “500 million downloads” “an addictive, clever, and challenging puzzler”. Did it ring any bell? YES! You guessed it right: we are talking about funny & astute, witty & addictive i.e. Angry Birds.

Angry Birds is played One Million Hours each day across the globe. Everyone loves it because it keeps us all addicted to the entertainment it offers. You don’t just use Angry Birds; you get indulged in its fascination. Its obsession can be compared to likes of alcohol, tobacco, and Facebook. But have you ever wondered If Angry Birds really existed? What’ll you do if you had Angry Birds in real life?

Well, Well, Well! It will surely be hilarious: The Chubby White Bird would provide so many eggs that can feed breakfast to your entire generation; The Red Bird Brothers would act as your deadly bombers to attack enemies, the tiny & fickle Blue Bird would act as a pinching device to pinch anyone you want, The Yellow Bird would act as a speedy resource to things done instantly, the Mighty Eagle would muscle your way through bullies, The Black Bird would smash everything you wanna have smashed, The Green Bird would release a boomerang to hit your opponents without them knowing that you did it. So start dreaming and daydreaming to imagine what you will do if you had Angry Birds in real life to turn your addiction into a real-time sport. You’re guaranteed to get some mind-refreshing, nerve-relaxing and wondrous thoughts about it.

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