Animator Remakes The Sonic To Look More Like The Games


It hasn’t been too long since people on the Internet destroyed the new Sonic The Hedgehog movie with all criticism going towards the main character’s design. The outrage was so severe that it not only gave way to numbers of tweets and memes making fun of bad Sonic but also assisted the director of the movie, Jeff Fowler, to make a statement on Twitter assuring fans that the production will rework Sonic’s design to fit the fans’ expectations. Well, while Paramount employees work on the latest version of the famous blue character, one animator took a step ahead and gave his own take.

Animator reimagined Sonic as it was in the games and not creepy

On the 27th of May, a month after the first trailer was released, animator Artur Baranov posted his own rendition of the footage on YouTube. Baranov’s Sonic looks totally different and seems to look just like the hedgehog we all know from the video games.

Baranov’s video currently has over 1.3 million views and 33k likes showing that the audience is not only loving his version but also quite appreciate it.

Sonic the Hedgehog is set to be released in the US on February 14, 2020 and stars talents such as Jim Carrey, James Marsden, and Ben Schwartz who’s going to lend his voice to the lovely blue hedgehog.

The difference between the two versions is certainly noticeable, with the original drawing more on the realism while the re-imagined version relies on the cartoon-ish look that every fan is familiar with.

Watch the original trailer:

And now the animator’s version:

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