Another Cast Member Joins Steve McQueen’s Heist Film WIDOWS

Viola Davis

Steve McQueen’s is going to direct another movie, and it is seems like a hit. It’s called Widows, and it’s based on McQueen’s British TV miniseries.

Dolly Rawlins, Linda Perelli and Shirley Miller have one thing in common – their husbands are all members of the same gang. After a terrible accident when their husbands are killed attempting to hold up a security van, for each of the women it is time to stop, take stock and start life afresh. When Dolly finds the plans for the robbery and with the women facing life alone, suppose they were to finish what their husbands started and carry out the robbery themselves?

Gone Girl writer Gillian Flynn was co-writing the script with McQueen and that they’d added a fourth widow to the mix. Variety reports that Viola Davis will play one of the main roles, and they also mention that Jennifer Lawrence was offered one of the parts but had to pass due to scheduling conflicts.

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