Another Game Of Thrones Fail This Time Jaime Forgot He Doesn’t Have A Hand

Game of Thrones has been under an intense spotlight after the latest episodes caused an uproar from fans and the showrunners were criticized for bad handling of plot and writing of the show and low ratings of the episodes.

If that wasn’t enough for one of the most popular series to ever air on television, just a week ago, people ripped apart one scene of the show where someone seemingly forgot to remove what appears to be a Starbucks cup from the shot. The ridicule about “Dany’s latte” was so severe that it prompted HBO to issue an official statement admitting their mistake.

Well, this week’s episode (spoilers!) didn’t let anyone in the production team catch a breath as people were not only outraged about the plot and character development (or lack of it), but some keen-eyed fans spotted yet another mistake made by the crew of the show.

HBO releases a series of promotional shots for the show, a handful of spoiler-free ones before the episode airs, and then another bunch afterward with more juicy details. After the penultimate episode aired, a few new shots were released. One of them showed the emotional reunion of the golden Lannister twins, Cersei and Jaime. Many fans disliked the fact that Jaime returned to his hateful sister-lover, to begin with. But this time, the outrage wasn’t about it. Someone was quick to spot that the Kingslayer magically grew his hand back in the promo shot.

 Game Of Thrones Fail


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