Anthology Horror Film NIGHTMARE AT PRECINCT 84 Teaser Trailer

Nightmare at Precinct 84

Watch this new trailer for an upcoming indie anthology horror thriller called Nightmare at Precinct 84. The movie anthology movie features four parts that are set around a police precinct.

Set on a stormy night on Christmas Eve, “a small-town female sheriff who secretly is a serial killer gets a visit from a mysterious woman who tells four bizarre stories. The first is about a small boy who has a terrifying encounter with the local ice cream truck. The second is about a young girl who takes up a phone sex operator job to pass the time, but a certain caller has other intentions. The third is about two women who discover the strange reality behind a tiny town they are trapped in and the fourth is about a man who makes a promise with haunting repercussions.”

Nightmare at Precinct 84 was written and directed by writer/editor/ filmmaker Samuel Gonzalez Jr. (Railway Spine, Battle Scars, The Retaliators, and And the Winner Is) and it stars Meredith Thomas as Sheriff Hudson, along with Jill Awbrey and Gigi Gustin.

Nightmare at Precinct 84 is set to be released sometime in 2023.

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