Anti-Paparazzi Scarf, Clever Reflective Scarf That Offers Privacy From Flash Photography

Anti-Paparazzi Scarf

The ISHU is a scarf designed for people who wants to keep paparazzi at bay. It is made with geometric patterned, reflective material that is able to deflect the light from a camera flash in such a way as to hide everything behind it.

The idea came to founder Saif Siddiqui while he was living in Amsterdam.

The concept of The ISHU dates back to 2009 when Dutch-born Saif Siddiqui took a picture of friends standing in front of a bike in Amsterdam. He noticed that the bike’s reflector manipulated the flash of his mobile camera in a way that obscured the faces of his friends in the picture. He immediately realized that if developed into the right product, this feature would be an ideal solution for his friends and now available to the public who want to keep their private moments in public private. Saif put together a team of experts who dug into the science of light and reflection, and how to blend technology with fashion. 6 Years later The ISHU is released to instant acclaim.

It is known as the “anti-paparazzi scarf” for obvious reasons, the scarf has been gaining popularity, particularly among celebrities. In order to address the demand, Siddiqui and his team have created a whole new line of clothing using this same reflective material.

@official_labrinth Left pic: Without Flash Right pic: With Flash Now available online! Link in bio.

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#WhatsTheISHU? Release. Full video now online. Black out flash pictures. #InvisibilityCloak

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@jeremypiven x @ishu_scarves #WhatsTheISHU?

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@jeremypiven. ?? Pic taken with flash. #WhatsTheISHU?

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Disappear on snapchat when flash is used on ISHU! ???

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Coming soon. ISHU Clothing. #AnonymousSeason1 #WhatsTheISHU?

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