Apex Legends Guide: The Easiest Way To Drop Faster And Further


Since Apex Legends belongs to a battle royale genre, the outcome of each match greatly depends on how soon and how well you can land. How? Imagine if you can be the first to fall in an area fool of supplies, then you have enough time to collect the gear and get away until the rest of the users drop.  Also, you can find your Apex Legends Stats Tracker to control the progress of the game.

How to drop right? A few simple tricks can help you land faster and fly further. First of all, here is what you shouldn’t do – hold the W key aiming at a specific point. This is a common mistake. You need to understand that simply flying in a straight line won’t take you far. Keep in mind that you are most likely playing with users, who can boast of some excellent dropping skills. Thus, you have to adjust your strategy.

Here is a simple technique that will come in handy:

  1. Wait a few moments to gain maximum speed as you go straight down
  2. Pull up to fly to your destination more smoothly
  3. Repeat as many times as you need (depending on the chosen destination)

This technique, of course, has a bit more nuances. However, it is not that hard to apply. All you have to do is to follow the guidelines given above and keep an eye on the speedometer. This will allow you to control your speed for more accurate landing. We recommend going straight down until your speed reaches about 145. Then you can pull up until it drops to 125.

The idea is to use your altitude as a resource for gaining speed. However, what you will have to avoid are different high objects and cliffs because as soon as you get closer to a surface, your and your teammates’ speed will drop as the game triggers an air brake animation. If you have any of such tall objects on your route, you should keep as high as possible to avoid flying right near them.

In a nutshell, this game definitely made its mark on the gaming industry despite the fact it was released less than two months ago. Thanks to folks from CrazyGames who have prepared a fundamental review of this game, check it here “Apex Legends Key Statistics”.

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