Apple Confirms Reports Of Swelling iPhone 8 Batteries

 iPhone 8

Apple has a designated and semi-secret team of specialists and engineers whose sole task is to monitor any significant problems affecting the first batch of iPhone deliveries. When defective units of a new iPhone model are brought into Apple retail stores, they eventually make their way back to Apple headquarters where the reported problem is examined thoroughly. This approach helps Apple nip any serious production issues in the bud before more likely defective units roll off the production line.

Thus far, Apple’s iPhone 8 has thankfully avoided any serious ‘”-gate” type of scandal, but a curious and potentially worrisome issue did bubble up to the surface last week. As previously reported, there are a handful of reports coming out of Taiwan and Japan involving iPhone 8 batteries which swelled to the point that the display panel dislodged itself from the device. While there have thankfully been no reports of explosions or anything of the like, the photos below aren’t exactly what you want to see after shelling out some serious cash for a next-gen iPhone.

Photos of an affected iPhone 8 Plus can be seen below. It’s worth noting that no counterfeit chargers were reportedly used on any of the affected devices.

Though the issue doesn’t appear to be widespread, Apple is now aware of the issue and is actively investigating it. In a typically terse statement from Apple, a spokesperson relayed the following to MacRumors.

“We are aware and are looking into it,” Apple’s statement reads.

Apple engineers are already busy diagnosing the problem.

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