Apple Finally Reveals AR Headset, Vision Pro, Price and Features Announced

Vision Pro

During the highly anticipated WWDC 2023 event, Apple made a groundbreaking announcement, unveiling their long-awaited augmented/virtual reality headset. Branded as Apple Vision Pro, this cutting-edge device introduces a paradigm shift in the way users interact with technology. Unlike traditional displays, Apple Vision Pro embraces the concept of “spatial computing,” encouraging users to look through the headset rather than at it.

Priced at $3,500, the Apple Vision Pro is set to hit the market in early 2024. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, expressed his belief that the headset would revolutionize the technological landscape, fundamentally altering our perspective on digital experiences. According to Cook, Apple Vision Pro is a “revolutionary product” poised to redefine the boundaries of human-computer interaction.

In a press release, Apple described the Vision Pro as a platform that creates an expansive canvas for apps, surpassing the limitations of traditional displays. It introduces a fully three-dimensional user interface that responds to the most natural and intuitive inputs possible: a user’s eyes, hands, and voice. By incorporating voice commands and gesture-based controls instead of relying on a physical controller, the Apple Vision Pro offers a truly immersive experience.

Distinguishing itself from other virtual reality and augmented reality headsets, the Vision Pro doesn’t completely obstruct the user’s vision. With this remarkable innovation, users can perceive their physical surroundings while simultaneously accessing virtual overlays of apps and programs. For instance, while sitting on a couch, one could enjoy content on a virtual screen projected to be larger than any physical TV they may already own.

Notably, the Apple Vision Pro caters to gamers, boasting over 100 titles available at launch. The headset opens up a new realm of gaming possibilities, showcasing the potential of virtual reality. An image demonstration during the event showcased the immersive experience of playing NBA 2K on the Vision Pro.

In addition to gaming, the Apple Vision Pro caters to professionals seeking increased productivity. Users can wear the headset while working and access a multitude of apps, effectively transforming into multitasking powerhouses while remaining connected to the real world. Disney CEO Bob Iger made an appearance during the event to confirm that popular apps such as Disney Plus will be available on the Vision Pro. Furthermore, Apple showcased a captivating sizzle reel, teasing potential experiences such as virtually attending live sports matches through the headset.

Battery life is always a crucial aspect of any portable device, and Apple addressed this concern. They stated that the Vision Pro can be used throughout the day when plugged in, ensuring uninterrupted usage. When on the go, users can rely on an external battery, providing up to two hours of usage. Powering the headset is a brand-new chip, and it operates on a specially designed operating system tailored specifically for augmented and virtual reality. Additionally, for users with vision correction needs, Apple offers Zeiss Optical Inserts, which can be purchased separately.

For more comprehensive details on the Apple Vision Pro, Apple has released a detailed announcement post that delves into all the key features and information surrounding this groundbreaking device.

Apple’s entry into the virtual reality space comes at a time when other major players have also made significant announcements. Just days prior to Apple’s revelation, Meta (formerly Facebook) unveiled the Meta Quest 3 headset, adding to the competition in the market. Furthermore, Sony launched the PlayStation VR 2 headset in February, further fueling the growing interest in virtual reality.

As one of the most prominent and profitable companies globally, Apple continues to innovate and captivate audiences with its technological advancements. In the quarter ending on April 1, the company reported a staggering profit of over $24 billion, solidifying its position as a leader in the tech industry.

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