Apple iOS 11.2 Is Creating Serious Problems Now

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Apple iOS 11.2 is arguably the most rushed release in iOS history. It was pushed out early to combat a serious restart bug and arrived with its headline feature unfinished, an inaccurate update description, missing security information and – as my iOS 11.2 Upgrade Guide warned – a lot of bugs. So it should be no surprise several days later to see iOS 11.2 problems are growing, and one in particular…

Let’s cut straight to the chase: iOS 11.2 is a mess. While previous iOS 11 updates have had issues (1,2,3,4,5), iOS 11.2 breaks the mould by causing problems in numerous different areas (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, etc). And yet the biggest takeaway once again is atrocious battery life.

Here is just a tiny fraction of the anger being expressed on Twitter in general and to the official @AppleSupport account in particular:

“@AppleSupport iOS 11.2…yikes! Terrible battery life on 6s Plus. Any normal usage drains the battery by 5-10% at a time. No problems with any iOS 11+ update until now. I’ve had to charge my phone several times today. #Help” – source

“@AppleSupport today my iPhone 6’s battery on iOS 11.2 lasted 3,5 hours. Do you guys have any other explanation than feeding with this bull**** about battery save mode and me using my apps too much? My phone’s 3 months and you guys made it unable to use” – source

“@AppleSupport when I bought my 32gb SE (iOS 10.3.3) my battery lasted 2 DAYS. Now on iOS 11.1.2 just lasts less than 12 hrs. Can you help me, guys?? My wife has the same phone in 11.2 and still, battery drains too fast. Very bad job #Apple” – source

“Updated to iOS 11.2. Battery keeps draining at a rate higher than 1% per minute” – source

“Installed iOS 11.2 update and now the battery is dropping 1% every minute or so. I am over this nonsense @AppleSupport.” – source

“@AppleSupport Hey Apple. Wondering what happened to fix battery drain on iPhone 6s+. I have to charge 3x and my battery is charged from 12-80 in 15minutes. What’happening? Updated to iOS 11.2. FIX THIS PLEASE! I turned off every app almost. PLS!” – source

“@AppleSupport ios 11.0 was bad enough making my touch id not work at all and battery drain, but here comes ios 11.2. I thought it was gonna fix but I was wrong, touch id works but battery drains way faster now… Fix ur **** apple I no longer trust you…. while typing I lost 3%” – source

“@GordonKelly @AppleSupport I never noticed a significant battery drain on the 6S with IOS 11 or IOS 11.1, but IOS 11.2 is draining my battery fast. #iOS112 #Battery” – source

“@AppleSupport upgraded to IOS 11.2 and my battery life is terrible straight away. Can’t charge and listen to music at the same time! #iOS112 #battery #iPhone7” – source

“@AppleSupport experiencing extreme battery drain on iOS 11.2 on iPhone 8+, plz fix” – source

“@AppleSupport @Apple I’m using an iPhone 5s, Is there any way to degrade from iOS 11.2 to iOS 10.3 or iOS 9?” – source

The last tweet I post tongue in cheek, but it’s certainly symbolic of frustration being expressed with iOS 11. As a writer of iOS columns for several years, I’ve lost count of the number of problems iOS users have reported to me over the years but nothing compares to the complaints about battery life in iOS 11.

What’s more, far from gradual improvements, each iOS 11 update seems to make battery life worse and impact previously unaffected users. Whether Apple’s rapid-fire release schedule is to blame is unknown (eight releases in 11 weeks is unmatched in any previous iOS generation), but I can’t see how it helps and the elephant in the room remains unacknowledged.

All of which is extremely frustrating because at its core iOS 11 is a fantastic OS and I consider it essential if you own a compatible iPad. That said I fully expect Apple to release iOS 11.2.1 within the next 1-2 weeks and the cycle to repeat once again. But could the next one at least be finished before release…?

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