Apple Leaked Images


Apple iPhone 5S and 5C Leaked Images

APPLE has been hit by a double-whammy of leaked information as online gossip continues to discuss on all social sites.

Sources claim the release date for the new iPhone 5S will be September 18 and say it will be launched alongside a plastic low-cost model called the iPhone 5C.

China Labor Watch – a workers’ rights group based in New York – accidentally confirmed the existence of the ‘budget iPhone’ in an article about poor working conditions in the Taiwanese factory that makes them.


Other sources – which have also leaked pictures of the 5C’s packaging – say the handset will simply be an iPhone 5 with a different shell and will cost £227 ($349).

Apple gossip has been flooding the web in recent weeks because the handsets have now gone into production – meaning more potential leakers have access to them and you will hear more as we draw closer to the launch date.

But so far Apple hasn’t responded to any speculation, instead preferring to stick to its tradition of revealing all at a glitzy launch event. As usual.


iPhone 5S with Thumb Print Scanner 

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