Apple One Explained, Is It a Bargain?

Apple One

Apple On is a long-awaited services bundle, it comes with three different Apple One bundles.

According to Apple, each of the three plans offers huge monthly savings, with the cheapest Individual plan cutting $6 per month off the total compared to getting yourself each of the four services separately. The Family plan saves $8 per month, and the Premier plan saves $25.

Which customers want and are willing to pay for all of those individual services. Look closer, and it’s less of a bargain than Apple may want you to think.

Let’s begin with the Apple One Individual plan. Offering a single Apple Music plan ($9.99 per month), a 50GB iCloud storage bucket ($0.99 per month), and access to Apple Arcade ($4.99 per month) and Apple TV Plus ($4.99 per month) for $14.99, it seems like it saves you money. But unless you’re interested in subscribing to Apple Music and either Apple Arcade or Apple TV Plus, you’re probably better off just saving the $4 and sticking with an $11 Apple Music and iCloud combo.

The Apple One Premier plan is some what different story, though. At $29.99 per month, it’s the most expensive plan. Comparing it to the unbundled costs, an Apple Music family plan is $14.99, while a 2TB iCloud plan is $9.99. If you were already paying for both of those plans — which isn’t unreasonable for a family that’s invested in Apple products — then you’re only looking at a $5 per month increase to get access to Arcade with the additions of News Plus and Fitness Plus (which, at $9.99 per month each, are among Apple’s costliest subscriptions).

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