Apple Patented New Pizza Box is Bonkers!


Apple’s insane new spaceship office is about to open, but this is not the only big news out there, Did you check out the Apple Pizza Box???

According to the patent filing, Francesco Longoni, the maestro of the Apple Park café, developed the box alongside Mark Doutt, who was a senior packaging engineer at Apple for 10 years.

The company used them in its Caffe Mac cafeterias for people to take pizzas to their desks, and the boxes became such an identifiable aspect of working there that people signed them for memorials to Steve Jobs.

The new pizza box is designed to allow moisture to escape and keep the crust from becoming soggy.

From the patent: “For example, in order to prevent moisture from being trapped beneath the pizza rendering the pizza soggy, selected portions of an interior surface of a base of the container can be elevated to provide a support platform.”

Apple will use the pizza boxes at its new campus, according to Wired, The box also environmentally friendly.

The patent filing says it “can be fabricated from various types of re-used material along the lines of molded fiber.”

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