Apple Released The Android App To Find Sneaky AirTags


Apple has released an app which is called Tracker Detect, Apple says the new app will let Android users search for AirTags or other Find My-compatible trackers, such as the Chipolo One Spot tracking tag (via CNET). According to the app, it looks for gadgets that have been disconnected from their owners — if it discovers any, it will let you play a sound on it so you can find it, and it will give you instructions on how to find out who the AirTag belongs to and how to turn it off.

Apple announced that this app in June, saying that it would allow Android users to find potentially sneaky trackers being used without their knowledge. Unlike on iOS, though, it doesn’t seem like this app will always do scans in the background and warn you if something is up — it’s a manual search app. Tracker Detect also doesn’t help you keep track of the AirTags connected to an Apple account, so it’s not allowing Android users to actually use AirTags.

If Tracker Detect didn’t show up in a Play Store. You can install it by following this link to its store page.

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