Apple TV+ PEANUTS Special Trailer


Check out the fun new trailer that has been released for the new Peanuts special For Auld Lang Syne, it will be released to Apple TV+. The tagline for the special reads: “This year, start a new tradition with Lucy and the Peanuts gang as they plan a New Year’s party they’ll never forget.”

It looks like Lucy is going through a bit of a hard time this year, as her grandmother wasn’t able to come for the holidays, and she is taking it hard, even blaming herself. As a girl that is usually pretty confident, this touch of the blues is hitting her hard, and she talks to her friend Charlie Brown about it, as he is much more versed in the hardships of life. She decides to throw a New Year’s Eve party to get her out of her funk, but the jury is out on whether this will raise her spirits.

Auld Lang Syne will be available to watch on Apple TV+ on December 10, 2021.

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