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If you’ve decided you need a new smartphone and you’re not sure what to buy it’s likely you’re stuck between Android and Apple. The iPhone is daddy of all smartphones but it’s not necessarily for you and plenty of people have criticised them and that’s where Android come in. Android smartphones can be bought from a range of different brands including Sony and HTC and below we’re looking at some key considerations when you’re trying to decide between the two giants.

Android for Operating System

Experts suggest choosing Android if you want access to an easily customisable, powerful open-source operating system. It’s rated as the most popular in the world because the system allows mobile phone and other device manufacturers modify and edit the system to reflect their personal brand identity. Even consumers with a little skill can make modifications and changes to their Android phone.

Apple for App Variety

If you’re all about the Apps then you need to opt for an iPhone. iOS was light years ahead when it came to the range and number of available apps in their store. They claim to offer around 900,000 and now Google Android have caught up but Apple are still the market leaders in app development. Plenty new apps are trialled on Apple before Android users get a look in. Apple secures all the big names before Android so if you like to be at the cutting edge there’s only one choice. The iPhone 5S has just been launched and will run 64-bit graphics, once again setting them slightly ahead of the game.

Android for Flexibility

Android may not get all the apps first but like with the operating system they allow for much more flexibility. You can use different web browsers including Firefox and Opera whilst iOS limits you to Apple-specific software.

Apple for Portability

It may not be immediately obvious but the newer iPhones have been developed to be smaller and more easily portable than Android phones. They are usually at least an inch shorter than the comparable Android phone and Samsung utilise Android’s operating system and their phones have been dubbed ‘phablets’ as they’re larger than your usual smartphone but smaller than tablets.

Apple vs. Android

Android for Data Sharing

Android is highly sophisticated in ways many users don’t know. It has a system-wide sharing function which is called intents. Intents allows you to pass data between your apps and this makes it very easy to share things for work purposes from Gmail to Dropbox or other key business apps.

It’s an intuitive feature which many businesspeople have harnessed and even avid Apple fans have found themselves saying “I’m going to sell my iPhone” so they can purchase an Android handset instead. We’ve put together a range of different features from each type of phone and this should give you the opportunity to make the right decision for your personal circumstances.

Even Microsoft is buying iPhones for Credit.

It’s easy to opt for an iPhone because they’re marketed well and they’re highly popular. It makes more sense to take into account all these points and work out which is genuinely best for your circumstances.

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