Apple Wants To Release 6 Oscar-Worthy Films a Year on AppleTV+


Apple has some huge plans for its streaming service AppleTV+. According to some sources who spoke to the NY Post, Apple wants to produce “six small-budget movies a year with an eye toward stories that could win Academy Awards.”

Apple hasn’t even launched its streaming service yet, and it’s already eyeing for the prize. Keep in mind that reports show that Apple is currently not sure if they’re going to acquire a library of content to fill said service or if they’re going with purely original content. I think if they go with the latter, they’ll be dead on arrival which is why I think Dan Ives, an analyst, is correct when he says he expects Apple will simply buy a library of content from a studio like MGM.

Going back to Apple’s goal to push for six movies a year that could win an Oscar though. These movies are said to each cost anywhere from $5-30 million with the purpose being towards “Focus Features-esque award contenders.” If they can get an Oscar or two, it would help them sell their service which will most likely be very limited in how much content it has for the first long while.

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