Apples iOS 11.3 is Coming Tomorrow!

iOS 11.3

Apple released their sixth beta of iOS 11.3 almost 7 days ago, and finally, we will get the final release tomorrow.

Apple is holding a press event tomorrow which will focus on education, the company will introduce a new cheaper iPad at the event and we suspect they may also release the iOS 11.3 software update tomorrow as well.

The software will bring a range of new features to the iPhone and iPad, this will include four new Animoji, these will include a dragon, bear, lion. Plus ARKit 1.5 and support for messages in iCloud. The update will also introduce Apple’s new battery management features.

The battery management feature will let you manage the battery on your iPhone more effectively, it will let you know if the battery is degraded. It will also notify you if your handset is being slowed down to save the battery and stop the device from shutting down. This is a feature that you will be able to turn off and on in the new upcoming iOS.

iOS 11.3

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