Apple’s iPhone X Face ID Unlocked With A Mask Again 

iPhone X Face ID

We have already seen Apple’s Face ID being unlocked 10-year-old and the new phone is also been unlocked with a mask before.

The company which is behind the unlocking of the most expensive Apple phone, It is called Bkav from Vietnam and it is a security firm and now this smart company has created a new mask to unlocked the iPhone X. The mask created with the help of a 3D printer.

Bkav resets Face ID and then sets it up again after deleting the previous profile, the mask is based on the face of the user in the video.

The new mask in the video easily unlock Face ID on Apple’s iPhone X and there were no failed attempts with this one. The mask featured 2D infrared eyes which appear to be able to fool apple’s face recognition technology.

Check out more details on the company’s website: Bkav

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