Apple’s iPhone X Gets Dropped From 1000 Feet!

iPhone X

iPhone X being destroyed all over the world in the name of science and we have seen plenty of such videos in a very short span of time. The videos included drop tests, water tests, heat tests, scratch testsspeed tests and cold tests on this very expensive device. Now we have another drop test video but from an insane height.

Apple’s new iPhone X is attached to a drone in this new video and then taken up to 1000 feet, and guess what, they dropped the phone.

As we can see from the video the glass back on the iPhone X is damaged, that going to cost $549 to repair, but the front display on the handset still works and the device is working as it continued to record video. This is actually shocking that the new iPhone X managed to endure being dropped from 1000 feet. Check out the video below.


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