Apple’s New Screen Recording Feature is Spooky And We Are Totally Scared!

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Apple’s new screen recording feature is spooky and we are totally scared!

Apple provides plenty of security for its iPhone users. These claims were quashed last year by the documents revealed by WikiLeaks. The CIA was able to eavesdrop on iPhones and access their data. Though Apple was quick to respond to these allegations and fixed the bug in an update released earlier this year in March.

But having said that there are still many loopholes for the hackers out there to spy with an iPhone keylogger no jailbreak app. Whenever a new iOS update is available, the hackers are ready to pounce on it to make something out of it. They look for loopholes in security and safety of the new version. When Apple announced the iOS 11 update, there was hue and cry everywhere about the bugs in the new version.

Plenty has been written about the new tricks and features in the newly released iOS 11. But there is one feature that is of prime interest to the hackers out there—the screen recording feature. The feature is nothing like what Apple has been delivering to its users. Plus, no one had anticipated or asked for it. So we are super nervous about all of this. Here’s why.

Apple’s New Screen Recording Feature

Apple’s new screen recording feature is spooky!

Although the screen recording feature on iOS 11 can be extremely helpful in many ways, you’ll be able to help family members with their application woes, record bugs to send to developers, or even create application walkthrough videos on the go. The iPhone’s screen recording feature offers convenience to people who own blogs, websites, and YouTube channel. For these purposes, screen recording becomes an important factor. For example, you are playing a game on your iPhone and want to record your moves, for uploading them on your YouTube Channel, you need to record your iPhone screen. If you are an online tutor and you are writing down your notes or slides or whatever you want, you will need to record your iPhone’s screen.

However, creepers will have a field day with this new “screen recording” feature. The latest feature has already garnered interest from the scammers and cheaters as well. You need to be extra careful about it while using it on social media. There are many ways it can be used to blackmail others. 

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How to enable it?

The screen recording feature comes with the iOS 11 update. This hidden feature is available in your iPhone’s settings tab. You need to tweak your setting a little you want it to appear in your Control Centre.

Open your settings app, tap Control Centre > Customize Controls. Add the “Screen Recording” feature and you will be able to record your screen with a simple swipe up from the bottom of the screen and a tap of the circular record button.

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Anyone can record/save your Snapchat or Instagram:

With the ease of its use, you can ‘flip’ this feature on to preserve someone’s spicy snap or some NSFW stuff. For example, while watching a Snapchat video or looking at a photo, people can record what they’re seeing.

The creepiest part is that the person who sent the snap would not even be notified that you are recording. (If you take a screenshot, they normally get a little notification).

This can also be done for those sending messages on Instagram Direct. Live screenshots can be taken which can be risky for your personal security.

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Record online videos:

Similarly, this screen recording feature can be used to record your FaceTime and other video calls. So if you have shared a password or any other personal details during your conversations then these videos can later be used against you.

Similarly, if you have ever been a Kik messenger user then you must know that on an iOS device the user can see the recent 48 hours chat only and they will expire later on. But with the screen recording feature, you can record and save live chats on Kik messenger. So beware of sharing anything that can land you in hot water anytime later.


How you iPhone security is still a concern

Of course, screen recording apps have existed on Android for a long time. But for all the previous versions of iPhone, there was no call recording feature and something like this could only be done via secret monitoring app for iPhone. There have been tons of iPhone keylogger no jailbreak apps earlier to this feature, such as The success of these apps is due to the variety of their features to monitor someone’s iPhone.

These apps have proven to be more than just a recording software. They not only record calls but also provide you with all the call history of the monitored iPhone. You can use the apps for spoofing calls, texts, and contacts. Even scarier is that they can provide your complete location details along with the history of visited locations.

Some of these apps have jumped ahead of the others to offer the secret features for the new iOS 11, for example, xnspy which offers the multiple phone recording features.

But iOS 11 represents a major shift: For the first time ever, such a feature is being made available to iPhone and iPad users, and it comes straight from Apple; no additional app downloads required. While you probably should have assumed everything you sent to your friends in the past could’ve been saved forever, you should definitely think so now.

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