Apps for Artists!

The iPad is a natural palette for artists, if you’re just getting started or have already discovered your talents. The iPad has artistic applications plenty to showcase your creativity.

These applications range from very simple to more sophisticated, but each can be a platform for creating stunning designs.

This application is similar to the free software FotoSketcher will be reviewed earlier this year. AutoPainter HD takes a picture and turns it into a painting. Choose an image from your photo library or take a new picture. You can choose from four different effects, such Aquarell, Benson, Cezanne and Van Gogh.


What is particularly amusing about this is how the app shows you the three step process and explains each step as it happens. The application actually recreates the photo as a painting in the style you choose. You can stop the process at any time you need to find the result you want, while the application works.

This app is somewhat limited in controls. Unlike FotoSketcher, there are customizable for each result. However, both the process and results can inspire and amaze you.

AutoPainter HD is one of the developers of one of my favorite applications, dynamic lighting, and is available for $ 0.99 at the iTunes App Store.

Kids! Learn to Draw

Kids! Learn to Draw Is a MEDL Mobile app that provides you with an outline of a drawing and guides you through each step so you can create a work of art. If you’re someone who never thought you could draw, this app will prove you wrong.

Kids! Draw


Despite the title of this application, not just for kids. Anyone who wants to learn to follow the guidelines and to create realistic designs. This application is particularly great for children and can even be used from pre-readers, such as spoken instructions printed on the outside.

The application has a pencil and a marker with a slider to control the thickness of the lines. The application enables you to identify the shapes and comes with a palette of 10 colors to shades your plans.

The application is free on the App Store in iTunes, and provides training courses for a dog and a cat. In-app purchases are available for other subjects, such as Garfield? NASCAR racing cars; Planes, helicopters and boats; And Horses & Ponies.

Art Bellies Pocket


The developers who brought you Mad Lips have another awesome app for you. Art Bellies Pocket lets you paint over a photo from your Photo Library, allowing you to transform a photo into a painting. Unlike AutoPainter HD, which does the work for you, Art Bellies lets you add the artistic effects.

Art Bellies Sample


Paper 53

Having honed his artistic skills with your other applications, Book 53 to test your skills. While other applications give you a head start on your plans, Book 53 gives you a bare canvas. This application won the 2012 Design Award of Apple.

Paper 53 is an application design that allows you to create designs on laptops as a sketch artist. You can flip through the pages of your designs as if they were real paper. The application allows you to customize the covers of these projects, adding to the artistic appeal.

Paper 53 is free and begins with an instructional video and a brush. You can buy other separate brushes for $ 1.99 or all Essentials (all upgrades) for $ 6.99.

Paint 53 only gives you nine colors to use, including black and white, but shaded and using the results to create other colors.

Paper 53 Frog


Examples of artistic works using this app can be found at Paper 53′s website. The samples are impressive and inspirational. This amazing video will give you an idea of the potential of this app.

Paper 53 is available in the iTunes App Store for free.

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