Are You A Gamer Looking To Make A Presence on YouTube? Follow These Tips For Digital Marketing Success

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Human beings have always loved entertainment, and gaming has been a means of de-stressing and relaxing. It is man’s interest in gaming that has led the way for such magnanimous improvement in gaming technology. The journey from vintage consoles to that first-person shooters and virtual reality games have been rapid.

In today’s world, time passer games on smartphones are gaining popularity, and it will not be farfetched to say that most people play some form of digital games. With the rising popularity of games, people are more competitive than ever, and being skilled at a game is a matter of prestige.

International gaming tournaments are organized, and the winners take home good money. It is due to such incentives that the youth is particularly focussed on honing their gaming skills.

YouTube has emerged as a platform for sharing knowledge, and the present situation offers a perfect opportunity for you to share your gaming skills. That way, you can turn your passion for gaming into a comfortable income generator and help gaming enthusiasts in their endeavors.

Depending on your skills and the popularity of your chance, you can also establish yourself as an influencer and earn thousands of dollars every month. Here are some tips that will help you establish a YouTube presence as a gamer. Click here to know more. 


Identify Your Goal

Before you set on creating a YouTube channel, you need to evaluate what your goal is from this. Some gamers create a channel to build a community while others do this because they feel that there is an area of gaming that is not getting its due attention.

Yet others like reviewing games and bringing the highlights and glitches in front of the public. If you are an established gamer, you may want to create a channel to tell your story. Irrespective of what your goal is, identifying it and sticking to it is the first step to YouTube success.


Create a Unique Profile

In today’s world, it is all about presentation, and you need to focus on the exterior appearance as much as the quality of your content. You need to realize that YouTube is a diverse platform, and no matter what gaming area you choose as your genre, there will be someone who would have already prepared videos on the subject.

In such a situation, the only way to stand out is to create a unique profile around your focus subject.

If you are new to this, look up tips on video editing for beginners to know how to improve the quality of your videos. Update your channel name, description, and have an avatar and banner that suits the type of content that you wish to deliver. Understand that the profile is where people from the first impression about you and having it fluid will go a long way in establishing your online identity.


Come Up with A Thumbnail For Each Video

YouTube has a static picture that accompanies a video title and description. This is called a thumbnail, and if you do not upload one explicitly, the portal simply takes a snap from your video, and this may result in unimpressive, awkward screenshots. Considering that it is the thumbnail that catches the eye of a gamer casually scrolling through YouTube, you need to direct your efforts in editing it to perfection.

Most intro maker tools allow the provision of preparing thumbnails. Ideally, a photograph with an expressive face is a good option, and you can use a close up of your face to establish your online identity. Make sure that the photograph has been clicked in proper lighting.

Having textual thumbnails is also widely accepted. Understand that the better the quality of your thumbnail, the higher the possibility of people clicking on it and acting on the CTA to improve your video ranking.


Brand Your YouTube Gaming Videos

As someone making gaming videos, you would want your followers to engage with your video when they see it on a platform other than YouTube. To achieve this, have your logo displayed at the beginning of every video. If possible, have it watermarked and displayed in a corner of your content throughout the video.

In-video branding of your banner, poster, brand hashtags, subscribe icon, and widgets are some other measures that you can take. With an outro maker, you can create a poignant ending for all your videos while ensuring that there is a consistency that helps viewers associate the video with you. The core idea here is to brand your video in a way such that playing it for a few seconds should be enough to tell your followers that this was created by you.


Plan Your Diversification and Growth

While it is always recommended that you start your YouTube channel with videos related to a game, as your channel grows, it is expected that you create diverse content. In such a situation, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Firstly, the game that you create content about should have some similarities to the previous game.

That way, the chances of your existing followers giving up on your content decreases. Many of your followers might not be playing the game that you are now focusing on. But, if it is similar to the game they are acquainted with, it increases the chances of them trying it out.

Secondly, you must create separate playlists for different games. Having your content segregated and organized makes them more accessible for your viewers. Understand that the latest YouTube features allow the Autoplay option wherein the next video in a playlist starts automatically. That way, videos in a playlist are consumed better and have a greater number of views as opposed to random videos on a YouTube channel. 

The world of YouTube gaming is one of immense potential. The most important thing here is to be true to yourself. Your primary focus should be on providing quality content and not on making money. If you focus on money alone, chances of viewers labeling the channel as ‘too commercial’ and walking away from it are high. On the other hand, if the quality of content is your focus, your online success and monetary gains are inevitable.

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