Are You Ready For the Creative Photography Challenge?

Starry Night Sky

Photography is one thing many people love. Some do it for fun, while some have taken it up as a profession. Photography is fun, and we love to click pictures of every subject we come across.

However, if you’re willing to be serious about photography at an amateur level, here are some challenges you should take up and share the results with others online.

  1. Luxury watch as your subject

Owning a luxury watch is an achievement but clicking a picture of the same is challenging. The reason behind it is that you’re constantly looking at the right frame to get the click. In this case, you can get a number of clicks of it, but only if it turns out to be good enough to make it your desktop wallpaper, you should appreciate it. Till then, keep clicking and keep experimenting.

To make the task easy, get the right watch. Hublot Big Bang watches make for the best clicks, and it shouldn’t be problematic for you to buy them from an online store.


  1. Birds in motion

Clicking pictures of birds in motion is difficult, and we need to know that the challenge never fails to make even professional photographers sweat. Check for such images on the Internet, and you’ll find limited results because photographers often avoid such difficult clicks. If you feel that you’re up for the challenge, move out of your house and get your camera ready for the click. It will make for a satisfying click if you manage to achieve the objective, in this case. We would also like to say that till the time you’re not attempting to click such pictures, you’d not realize the level of difficulty. So, make an effort to get such clicks and keep trying, whenever you find time for it. Usually, early mornings are good for you, if you wish to get good results for the challenge.


  1. A crowded street

With many heads moving from one place to another, you’d hardly be surprised to see the challenge turning out to be more and more difficult for you. This is because getting a single person in the frame to stay steady is difficult and we’re talking about hundreds of a person moving around at the same time.

In this case, we know that there are many photographers who capture such images with perfection. However, they’ve worked really hard for it, and you cannot assume that the task is an easy one.

Start clicking and you’ll be happy with the efforts you take, every time you get a click better than the previous one.

  1. Insects

Look at the little insects running around on the floor and try to capture them. We consider it to be a challenging task because not many photographers will do things to ensure that they get an insect’s picture right. Also, there is motion in this case, and it is challenging to get the insect in motion’s picture right. So, look around, and you’ll be happy with the live subjects you’ll find on the floor. Get some clicks and ask yourself whether you’re happy with the results you get in this case. If you’re happy with the same, share it with the world and let them decide how good or bad the click is!

While these look easy to capture, you should know that the same isn’t easy and you’ll realize the same when you start clicking pictures of the same. It will help you get the desired level of satisfaction when you get those clicks and appreciation for them on social networking sites.

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