ARKHAM ORIGINS Collector’s Edition Revealed

ARKHAM ORIGINS Collector's Edition Revealed

Batman: Arkham Origins slated for an October release, Warner Bros. has revealed the Collector’s Edition that will be available in North America, Australia, and New Zealand, and it’s a little different than the UK version announced last week. Like the UK version, this will be available for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game–this is another feature that will be skipping the Wii U.

So let’s look at what comes in this Collector’s Edition, priced at $119.99. Unlike the UK Edition, this box focuses on the villains of the game, which I think is pretty rad. The key piece of the pack is an awesome statue of Joker at a desk with LED-lit TV screens behind him. Also included are an 80-page art book and a DVD featurette of DC’s villains called “Necessary Evil.” More villain-centric items include an “Anarky” stencil, Black Mask’s contract, a Batman Wanted poster, and dossiers of the game’s eight assassins.

As far as in-game items, the Collector’s Edition comes with the First Appearance Batman skin, depicting him as he looked in 1939 in his comic debut, as well as a couple Deathstroke skins and challenge maps.

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