‘Arrested Development’ Hilariously Meets ‘Game Of Thrones’

Nothing made me laugh harder recently than “Arrested Westeros,” a new Tumblr whose sole purpose is to take lines of dialogue from Arrested Development and put them over stills from scenes in Game of Thrones. Sure, I’m a fan of both shows, so I “get” the jokes more than someone who isn’t, but I think they’d still be pretty funny to someone who knew little to nothing about either. So I put together a little gallery of my favorites, which you can view after the jump.

Btw, this whole “Arrested Westeros” thing has got me brainstorming about which other shows this sort of thing would be great to do this with. The key — that the people behind this Tumblr obviously get — is to use dialogue from a ridiculous comedy to place over scenes from a super-serious drama. I was thinking that maybe using lines from Curb Your Enthusiasm, especially lines where Larry David is babbling about the minutiae of life, would be great over scenes from, say, Treme. But what do I know? Anyway, enjoy…


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