Artist Behind Viral Bernie Sanders Mittens Crochet Donating It to Charity

Bernie Sanders Mittens Crochet

The biggest storyline on the internet was Biden’s inauguration and Bernie Sanders and his mittens. The memes took off at speed of light rarely seen these days. It spread so far and wide, fatigue had set in even before the day’s end.

Enter Tobey King’s charming ‘Bernie Sanders with mittens crochet doll’ to add new and heartwarming life into the hilarious meme. After sharing her work last Thursday, the little sanders crochet doll was all over the place.

King adopted a Bernie Sanders model she created last year and renewed it to add the jacket and mittens. As images of the 9-inch crochet doll continued to spread like wildfire, King chose to use the newfound attention for a charitable cause, putting up the one-of-a-kind handmade doll for sale on eBay with 100% of the profits going towards one of Sanders’ personal favorite charities, Meals on Wheels.


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