Artist Kay Pike Painting a Spider-Man Costume on Her Body in This Incredible Time Lapse Video

Kay Pike

Most talented and gifted artist and cosplay model Kay Pike is back with another unreal time lapse video this time Kay is painting her body with Spider-Man costume. Pike captured the footage while she was streaming live on Twitch.

Her full series of Spider-Man photos are available to view on Imgur and Instagram.

Throwback Thursday! Spiderman Paint streamed on This one was a n00b product nightmare. I used wax based paints that ended up requiring gross amounts of photo editing in order to save the little guy. But I needed to learn that wax paints and flash photography don't mix 😀😀😀 Done on January 3rd 2016. His print is here: 🎨 and yes I'm using far better paints now 😀😀😀😀 Always try new things and never stop exploring the world for options 😀 🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨 Now Supplies are from @sillyfarm use KAYPIKE10 as a code 🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨 #throwbackthursaday #tbt #spiderman #cospaint #comicmakeup #comicbookmakeup #cosplaymakeup #spider #cosplay #amazingspiderman #peterparker #dailybugle #twitchtv @marvel #twitchcreative @twitch #video #chat #makeup #bodypaint #bodyart @marvel.arts @marvel_pics @marvel_entertainment #marvel #marvelcomics #yyc

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Spiderman Paint streamed last night from ! Peter Parker what a goof. Sorry about going down for a few hours yesterday there! We are pioneers on the internet, the staff got it all sorted out and there are many mutual loves ^ ^ In fact, shoutout: MonkeyOnStrike had the idea to poll which bodypaint I should do this week! Going shopping tomorrow so get your votes in! Boy oh boy this was the learning experience, @lustredust came over to do another tandem paint! She did a Carnage!  it’s a beautiful paint, please check it out! I tried some new kinds of paint and am experimenting with three different brands right now. The learning curve is wicked steep with this game. OH actually got the bald cap on properly this time, AND had way more success in the androgyny department. #spiderman #amazingspiderman #peterparker #dailybugle @marvel #twitchcreative @twitch  #video #chat #makeup #bodypaint #bodyart @mehronmakeup @marvel.arts @marvel_pics @marvel_entertainment #marvel #marvelcomics #yyc @monkeyonstrike

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